Historical geography is also called the region of Phrygia. BC Destroy the state of Phrygia Kimmer Skyth'lerden 700s are known to escape. Bursa's name, the city, the King of Bithynia, who are Prusias'dan. BC In the 7th century who migrated to this region Bityn'ler give the name of Bithynia here. BC King of the great generals, Hannibal of Carthage of 185 Prusias'a organization is known about the establishment of Prusias and Olympus. Prusa Prusias name once, then turned to Bursa. BC Sent to the dominance of the Roman Empire from Rome to the proconsul of Bithynia in 74 (State Governor) managed by SEE has become an Asian State. V Bursa A.D. Lived in the Byzantine period between the years 385-1326. A.D. 555 Silk production in the region and a small spa with natural hot water spa was established in the city.

Prusa (Bursa) between the years 1204-1261 Nicaea (Iznik), a subsidiary generally stayed in the castle, not much growth. Seljuk Empire weakened and began to fall apart over time, developed in the Ottoman Principality was established Anatolian Principalities strengthened by taking the surrounding lands Tekfur'ların. Bursa, surrounded by Osman Bey in 1307, after a long siege the city zaptetmiştir son Orhan Osman Bey April 6th 1326. In 1335 the capital Delhi and the city experienced major reconstruction movements.

Not only in the city when they ibaretken Bursa Ottoman fortress city of Orhan Orhan Gazi Complex established out of the fortress. Available to settle outside the city walls, close to the point of dominating mosques, baths, almshouse, hospital, madrasa was built public buildings, such as residential areas have been created around this complex and thus began the tradition of a settlement. I. Murad time (1363) the capital was moved to Edirne. After the conquest of Constantinople Mehmed active role II.Fatih ended and the administrative center of Bursa lost quality.

Hüdavendigar after the Tanzimat period, the Bursa Province center in the early 1900s Bilecik, Kutahya, Frame (Balikesir), Karahisar (Uttaranchal) banners were connected. Times of national struggle has experienced various upheavals Delhi, July 8, 1920 Yuna occupied; August 30 after the war and was taken back by Turkish troops.

Preserved, there is no structure in Bursa, Roman and Byzantine periods. The walls surrounding the old city on the first Bithynialılarca, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods used in the restored considered. Bursa, the first 200-year period of the Ottoman Empire, has shown great improvements compared to other cities, adorned with many architectural structures, the transfer of science and the realm of the famous theological school was the center of a vibrant city of commerce. Starting from the time I.Murad Hüdavendigar Complex I. Yıldırım Bayezid Complex was built, I.Mehmed (Chalabi) starting in the period II. Murad timely completion of the Green Mosque in Bursa and affecting the spatial development of large complex standing today. The city planning work with the Republican period, the importance of the industry has increased since the 1960s, the city's population and urban development has undergone a rapid change. Geographic location, agricultural, commercial and industrial potential of the high attractiveness of the city provides protection of each semester.